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Ethics in Illinois

Submitted by Leo Klein on Mon, 10/8/07 (2:50pm)

il_seal.gifThe annual online State of Illinois Ethics test is coming round again. All State of Illinois employees have to take it.

This is the test that famously disqualified thousands of participants last year not for getting the answers wrong but for getting them right in too little time.

So this is how I plan to 'game' the system this time round: After answering the first bunch of questions, I'll go out and rob 5 banks, shoplift enough school supplies to last me a whole year, steal the identities of six dozen people, and swallow half a pound of grapes at the supermarket without paying for them. This will still leave me enough time to get back to the office and complete the test.

Problem solved.

Update [11/13/2007]: So I passed the thing with flying colors -- sort of like last year. I'm not too proud to say I did learn one thing: If you're employed by the State of Illinois, you can't accept as much as a bunny rabbit from someone doing business with you but if you're running for office, the same person can contribute $100k to your campaign.

That's ethics in Illinois.