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The Digital Life

Submitted by Leo Klein on Fri, 2/15/08 (3:23pm)

1. Try to install Adobe Captivate on my new Mac Mini. (I've got an important 'sceencast' that's got to be done pronto.)

But Captivate only runs on a PC.

2. Load Captivate on my old Dell Notebook.

But it's too much for my old Dell Notebook. The thing keeps crashing.

3. Load Apple's Boot Camp on my new Mac Mini. With Boot Camp, you can run both Mac and Windows!

But Boot Camp only runs with Windows XP Service Pack 2 ('SP2'). My copy of XP (from my old Dell Notebook) is older than that.

4. "Slipstream" (i.e. integrate) the updates from SP2 into the earlier version of XP and produce a new bootable CD.

But 'Slipstream' doesn't work so well on OEM (as in Dell specific) versions of XP.

5. Walk three miles to a friend's house. Grab his copy of Windows XP, go home. Install it on my Mac Mini and finally load Captivate on the PC partition.

Does this sound like a productive weekend?

(And I didn't even mention the part where I completely erased my backup drive. Don't ask.)

UPDATE: The fun continues....

6. Try to add an audio track to the slides in Captivate.

But my new Mac Mini only has "line" input -- which as anyone who's ever been through Audio 101 knows, isn't the same as a mike input

7. Rush out of the house. Go downtown to the Apple Store, buy a Griffin iMic, and just because I've become paranoid at this point, duck into a Best Buy on the way home and get a Logitech headset with build-in mike that plugs into the USB port.

Mission accomplished!