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Document of the Day: Dead But Still Homeless in Mississippi

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sat, 2/7/09 (3:36pm)

Apparently until the following legislation finally passes, if you're dead in Mississippi but don't meet the "residency requirements", your chances of getting a pauper's grave don't look too good:

MS HB 1316, 2007-2007, Holland; An Act To Authorize Counties To Waive The Residency Requirement For Determination Of Pauper Status To Qualify For Burial Costs; To Provide That Counties And Municipalities Burying Paupers May Use County Or Municipal Employees And Equipment, Purchase Necessary Materials And Contract For Necessary Services For That Purpose; To Provide That Those Provisions Do Not Authorize Public Funds To Be Used For Ceremonies Associated With Burials Or Funerals; And For Related Purposes.

No doubt, the current requirement is in place to prevent Mississippi from becoming a haven for transient dead people.

[Found while searching on a demo of Serial Solutions 360 Search for "keyword contains burial and materials"]