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Something to be Thankful for

Submitted by Leo Klein on Mon, 12/28/09 (10:42am)

With all the troubles in the world, at least we don't have these people running around anymore:

Chicago Tribune (12/6/1909): The call to arms for the Gettysburg of the war against the saloon was sounded in a hundred churches of Chicago yesterday by the militant leaders of the National Anti-Saloon league.

To make Chicago a 'dry' city is the aim of the leaders of the organization who have assembled from east and west. Following the close of a week's conferences the foes of the saloon outlined a campaign in the 'field day' addresses in which the eyes of the nation are to be turned upon Chicago during the next few months.

From "Push Great Fight on City Saloons : Temperance Workers Call for Churches' Aid at Field Day Services." Chicago Daily Tribune (12/6/1909): p6.