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Will the Real 'Kindle Killer' Please Stand Up?

Submitted by Leo Klein on Mon, 2/22/10 (9:42am)

Roy was a bit more taken with the recently introduced Apple iPad than I, to the point that he titled his post, "Kindle Killer".

From what I've heard, the device is modeled on the iPhone which is both good and not so good. It's good because, as Roy points out, if you're familiar with one, you'll be familiar with the other. It's not so good because, among other things, Apple keeps a firm grip on what you can put on it through its App store. What's more, its feature set isn't all that great and it seems the one word that's been associated with it following its release is, 'disappointment'.

In walks the Dell Mini 5. With its 400x800 screen, the device fits somewhere between a smart phone and a netbook. Engadget calls it "neither too big nor too small". You can actually use it as a phone and the screen while smaller than the iPad is large enough compared to your average smart phone that reading is easier. In addition, the thing has a camera and runs on the open source Android system.

At the moment, it's still in production. Things like the keyboard still need a bit more work. But once the kinks are ironed out, perhaps in a second iteration, this kind of middling approach where you can both read and phone seems far more worthy of 'Kindle Killer' status than the iPad.



The Dell device may be a Kindle killer but for me it's just not big enough!

by Leo Klein on Tue, 3/2/10 (9:59pm)

Well, then you have bigger tablet-based units, or netbooks. These things are sprouting up like mushrooms at the moment.

One way or the other, I think the device that's most open -- most close to the computer model where you can download and run anything you please -- I think that kind of device has the advantage, unless some kind of funny business (say, closed networks, non-competitive markets, etc.) is going on.