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Current Cites for July 2010 (20th Anniversary Edition)

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sat, 7/31/10 (2:31pm)

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Current Cites for July 2010 is out! You can find the issue here...

Now this is no ordinary edition! Rather it's the 20th Anniversary Edition of our online current awareness service. Speaking for myself, I've merely been doing this since 2001 but Roy who's been there from the beginning has got a screed up at the top of the page explaining (whimsically):

While sloppily and apathetically compiling this month's screed which masquerades as a newsletter, it occurred to me that we have been foisting this dreck on an unsuspecting and mostly innocent public every single month for exactly 20 years.

May Ranganathan have mercy on your soul!

UPDATE: See Roy's "Lessons From 20 Years of Current Cites".