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The IT Professional's dilemma: 'So have you picked up Susie in Oklahoma yet?'

Submitted by Leo Klein on Wed, 10/13/10 (11:49am)

To which I respond, 'Who's Susie? And where in Oklahoma?

I'm not quite sure if there are similarities in other professions -- I 'spose there are -- but in the wonderful world of IT, you're routinely asked to trouble-shoot systems that you either didn't know existed or that you didn't know anyone had access to.

I remember one time when I was asked to solve an ethernet problem, the reason wasn't that I had any idea how the thing was set up -- I hadn't -- but that 'I [probably] knew a bit more than anyone else'.

Based on that assumption, I'm happy to administer wikipages, 3rd party embedded widgets, whole websites based on mystery CMSs and whatever else you've signed yourself up for (and hence me as well).

Comes with the territory.