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Mayor Daley at UIC

Submitted by Leo Klein on Mon, 1/29/07 (9:10pm)

Mayor Daley at UIC

Chicago's Mayor Daley came to speak at UIC today. While some of his talk seemed to ramble on and was, to be honest, less than inspiring, it was clear that Education is a big deal for him. He literally said it came after God and Family.

A funny moment came (at least for me) when he was talking about how even prison immates needed vocational training and then as an aside, said something along the lines of:

"The unions used to be against it [work done by immates] but that's when we made everything here. Now you've got things made in China so why not in our jails?"

I'm sure the mayor wasn't advocating prison labor and maybe China wasn't the best example to pick for comparison but it sure had me tittering in the back row.