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Sometimes Simplicity is Only Skin Deep.

Submitted by Leo Klein on Tue, 12/27/11 (9:30am)

Some systems have a reputation for being simple, such as WordPress, but only as long as your needs are simple. The moment you need some high falutin' customization -- say, in this article, limiting access to blog posts to certain individuals -- things become way more complicated. I mean, you'd never have to go through this level of complexity in Drupal just to get to the same point. In fact, in Drupal, the capability is built in.

Limiting The Visibility Of Posts In WordPress Via Usernames

Controlling who is able to view a post is a simple task once the system is established. Limiting access to certain users has several applications, such as enabling a design studio to distribute artwork to its various clients, or enabling a small school to arrange for homework to be posted online using a cheap and easy solution.
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UPDATE: Commenter Kyle Jones claims/alleges/would have us believe that there actually is a "plug-in" in Wordpress that achieves the same result. For the moment, we'll have to believe him :-)



by Kyle Jones on Fri, 2/3/12 (10:31pm)

Smashing Magazine always does an excellent job of posting hard-coded solutions. But just because they do it doesn't mean that's the way it has to be done.

It'll take a matter of minutes to set up content permissions using one of the two following plugins:

Somebody's gotta defend WordPress around here with you slinging all that mud ;)

by Leo Klein on Sun, 2/5/12 (7:24pm)

I guess I'll have to believe you.

by Kyle Jones on Mon, 2/6/12 (3:38pm)

Oh, Leo. Why the snark?

Evangelism for our respective camps must be balanced by accurate portrayals of the other.

While it may be built-in to Drupal, this approach would be anathema to WordPress which is, by design and purpose, pretty vanilla out of the box. That's not to say its not wanted by some - it is. Hard-coding solutions do work for some as well. But a requirement to extend the system? Hardly.

It's your blog, but fairness and balance should be our role as evangelists of library technology.

by Leo Klein on Wed, 2/8/12 (9:33pm)


Lighten up, man! I was just funning you.

Wordpress is fine for cases where you need a website consisting of normal web pages. I recommend it to people on that basis all the time.