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Facebook Issues Me a Stern Warning

Submitted by Leo Klein on Mon, 4/9/12 (10:56pm)

If your comment is irrelevant or inappropriate, you may be blocked from commenting on public posts.  Please review your comment before posting.
I got a stern warning from Facebook telling me that I might be "blocked from commenting on public posts" if I went through with posting the following strong words on a post originally by Tony ('Maakies') Millionaire about chickens being found with caffeine in their feathers:

As someone who in a former life actually was a chicken, I'd like to strongly object to the arrogant assumption by pampered human beings with double vowels in their names that chickens don't appreciate coffee. We do! In fact, it's common knowledge that coffee beans were first plucked out of the soil by enterprising chickens -- long before humans even stopped swinging in trees.


by Robert on Sat, 4/28/12 (11:06pm)

Take comfort in the fact that your version of the warning didn't read "be be blocked". See

by Leo Klein on Wed, 5/2/12 (12:55pm)

Thanks for the link. Interesting thread.

All I can say is, FB will find no compromise among us militants in the 'Chickens Drink Coffee Liberation Movement'!