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My Talk on Web 2.0 to Librarians from National Louis, Benedictine & the College of Dupage

Submitted by Leo Klein on Fri, 2/23/07 (3:37pm)

Leo Klein at Benedictine University

Leo Klein at Benedictine University: I'd like to thank all of the librarians who came to my talk on Web 2.0 at Benedictine University yesterday.

We had a good group with representation from National Louis, Benedictine and the College of DuPage. Everyone was completely engaged and asked great questions -- even though I ran half an hour longer than scheduled (sorry).

I'd like to thank all of the participants. I'd also like to thank hosts Jack Fritts and Kent Carrico from Benedictine and Kathryn Miller from National Louis who did the original scheduling.

A copy of my presentation can be found here...

UPDATE: See the version on here...



by Kent Carrico on Mon, 3/12/07 (3:29am)

Focused, humorous, thought provoking discussion of the wonders of the Information Age and how many libraries are using these emerging technologies to reach and engage their patrons. Thank you Leo thumbs up!

by Leo Klein on Mon, 3/12/07 (3:32am)

Thanks Kent!

Again the reception was fantastic. I think anyone coming to speak will appreciate the hospitality and level of engagement.