At the Ref Desk (1/5/21): First shift of the year! [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

First shift of the year!

ChatRef (Best question of the day): 'Are you an actual person or a bot?' P.S. Last shift of the year.

Why I prefer the radio (i.e. audio) version of PBS's Newshour: the people are less ugly.

Worst thing about chat reference : the number of times you get cut off. Sucks.

Today's high point: Three research questions all at once via chat -- plus a knock on my door from a neighbor locked out of her apartment.

Next Tuesday (i.e. day after Labor Day) is beginning of the new Academic Year! Yowza!

Best Spam eMail du Jour: '50lbs in 61 Days: New No Exercise Skinny Pill Melts Belly Fat'

After 6 hrs of chat-reference, I got out of the house and hiked north on Broadway all the way from Diversey to Howard. Nice evening. (Took the bus home.)

We have entered the Age of Lookups.

Doing Chat Reference from home. Sounds like the neighbors are heating up their grill. Their kid is crying for some reason. Hoo, that smell from the grill !!! Yup, stuff like this never happens at that other (real?) RefDesk.