At the Ref Desk (1/2/18): 1st shift of the year! Waiting for the question: 'Do you have any research articles on 2018?' :-) [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

So what happens if the moon just gets stuck? Then what do we do? #SolarEclipse2017

Quick - look up the hours for today!!! (A popular question during the summer.)

Not one call this evening asking for hours!

Getting to the end of the quarter; quite a crowd.

Someone calls but when I pick up the phone all I get is background noise -- people talking, etc. Did he or she just sit on their smartphone and dial out accidentally? Interesting jumping off point for a work of fiction...

At the Ref Desk: If you can't find any articles using the search terms, "monetize, information technology and school programs", think of alternatives that mean the same thing. Can't think of any? Oh come on! How's about, "wealth or rich, programming and education"?

Since it's 4/1, how accurate do we have to be in our answers today to research questions?

Happy 1st Day of Spring Quarter!

Intersession -- all quiet on the research request front.

10th week of the quarter. Place is packed.