At the Ref Desk (8/2/14): Apparently my 'reference interview' with a student was so long that he had to run off to the bathroom for a moment. Waiting for his return... [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

First shift of the year!

Last shift of the year!

Last Saturday of the year!

Beginning of Finals Week. Full house in the computer lab. Lots of traffic.

First day back in more than a week. Next week is finals so all the workstations on full.

Student came over saying he felt sorry for librarians like me because of research questions from students like him. What research question, I asked. He proceeded to tell me whereupon we went through a couple of databases and found a bunch of useful articles. "You feel sorry for me", I remarked. "I feel way more sorry for you -- since you're the one that's going to have to read all those things." The commiseration was mutual though frankly I think I've got the better deal.

I swear, people are being paid to come over here and ask questions about printing. Five in a row so far!

At the Reference Desk: So they've got this new networking gizmo that, if you want, projects whatever you're doing on your computer out onto a huge flat-panel monitor near the entrance to the library. Sounds more like a bug than a feature to me. In any case, if they want to broadcast all the sex, drugs and videotape that I'm constantly looking up, it's okay with me!

Tis the season. Student worker felt ill and had to go home, former student worker (who still hangs out with us) asked for an Ibuprofil 'cause he doesn't feel well. The guy behind me on the bus was coughing the whole way home yesterday. Chicken soup is my only salvation.

First day back downtown. Lots of traffic, particularly of the 'got my textbook???' variety.